“MBS has been a critical success factor in our growth from a sole proprietorship to a larger international joint venture business.”

Sabine Amend
TI Communications USA

“Knowledge of how all the pieces of a business works is truly difficult to find from CPAs and other Financial Professionals. MBS not only had the financial knowledge, but they asked the right questions and presented excellent alternative approaches to solving business problems. I wouldn’t be where I am with my business without them.”

Jeff Gibbs, CEO
Clearstone Sports

“The ability to outsource our bookkeeping and accounting consistently saves hours in time and – consequently – money! By freeing us up so that we can focus on our core competencies, MBS has become a truly valued partner for our business”

Lindsey James-West
LKJ Financial

“As a small business owner, prioritizing my time is critical. After years of looking for a quality bookkeeping service, MBS has stepped in and taken control of a crucial piece of the business which allows me to focus on growth.”

Guy Peters
Mop Stars

“MBS is more than an accounting service, they provide financial leadership to my organization and I view them as a strategic partner in helping to grow our mission of advancing women in business.”

Kristen Blessman
Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerece

“MBS is always ready to proactively create a new system or retroactively solve a problem for their clients. It’s good to know they’ve got your back.”

Matt Tatusko
CEO TrueSight Media

“MBS has given me the tools and support I need to start my new business. I can tell they really care about helping us!”

Paula Devillier
Focus Construction

“I met MBS at a time of great transition in my business and was needing an overhaul of my financial management systems that, at the time, were a mess. My bookkeeper had made many mistakes that was costing me money, and my vendor relationships were mismanaged. MBS was able to very quickly and skillfully analyze my business, make sense of the problems, and then go on to recommend viable, effective solutions unlike any financial consultant had ever offered. I was so impressed I immediately hired MBS to provide CFO services for my small business. It has now been 14 years of working together and I can’t imagine running my business without him! MBS has consistently saved my business money in a number of areas, has transformed our financial management to be a seamless process, manages vendor relationships with utmost professionalism, and provides me meaningful, insightful reports that allows me to know exactly where my practice is at any given time. Beyond that, MBS has the uncanny ability to ask the questions most people would never think to ask regarding financial strategy, and is consistently supportive in innovating and improving our business practices. I so appreciate that MBS always shows up with the highest integrity, and have come to really lean on him for support and clarity; his services are integral to my business. I unreservedly recommend MBS for CFO services for any business!

Todd Nelson, CEO
Tree of Life Wellness Systems

“MBS is my true partner in the growth and development of my law firm. For the first time in my business life I can effectively plan and execute on our growth because, thanks to Mindful, our books are always up to date, cash flow is clear and I can project revenues in a reliable manner. Thank you Mindful for peace of mind that lets me sleep well at night.”

Tom Jurgensen
Optima Law Group

“MBS has been such an amazing resource to my firm and my only regret was not finding them sooner! I have more clarity with my financials, my books are much more organized, and most importantly, I can spend time on revenue-generating activities for my business instead of attempting to run my own books! It was simply costing me more to NOT have them, so their fees are an investment and in return I get my time back. I’ve already referred many others to MBS and will continue to do so. I highly recommend their services.”

Steven Harp
Colorado Wealth Group

“I am SO glad I met Steve Breitman! His service has saved me HOURS and HOURS of work in an area I don’t know much about and don’t want to. Taxes are a cinch to do now. That is priceless. Everything is set up properly for my corporate records and that peace of mind is significant. Thank you Steve and Mindful Business Solutions!”

Jayne Sanders, CEO
Hands to Success

“I have worked with MBS for a few years now and would highly recommend them. I can always count on them to get back to me the same day, if not the same hour. I have delegated all of my bookkeeping to them which allows me to focus on the growth of my business. MBS is very helpful and always puts in the extra time needed when necessary. MBS gets two thumbs up from me.”

Dr. Keppen Laszlo, Executive Director
Discover Health and Wellness

“MBS worked directly on the financial projections for a launch and scale of a large organization that I created. MBS was effective in working with the team and contributed valued input that went far beyond the industry standard and into our thinking process. The result strongly impacted the ultimate success of our strategic plan. MBS is a highly professional CFO Service firm that I recommend.”

Mark Borough
Borough Wealth Management, LLC, Managing Partner
Spiritual Capitalist association, Chairman

“MBS has provided bookkeeping services to my company, Sunshine Sciences for several years. They’ve made preparation of my sales tax returns a snap. I also love that they are patient and great teachers.”

Linaya Hahn, CEO
Sunshine Sciences

“Our tax accountants and bankers have been very impressed by the quality of our financial reports created by MBS. MBS’s high service level is always evident in the deliverable.”

Lynn Coit, CEO
Elsy Studios


Reduced Inventory & Increased Cash by $200,000
Galaxy Express had over $700,000 worth of goods in inventory, significantly more than its sales volume. They had enough inventory to last more than a year on some items, and less than a week on others. We put in place a system that allowed them to clearly see what inventory was necessary and what was not on an ongoing basis which resulted in a $200,000 reduction of inventory.

Increased Gross Margin by 8.5%
Shipping, holding and product costs for Tree of Life Wellness Systems were eating into profits. We helped consolidate suppliers to reduce product costs and increased drop shipping to reduce shipping and holding costs. The result was an 8.5% increase in gross margin.

Caught mistaken charges
Optima law firm was charged three times for one rental car. We watch your books like we’d watch our own. We called the rental car company and the $700 overcharge was reversed.

Doubled Revenue
Usaj Realty’s growth and profitability were dependent upon the performance of individual brokers and the return on marketing efforts. We created a method to track both in near real time. It allowed them to provide coaching to the under-performing brokers who needed it most and shift marketing spending to where it was working best. Revenue doubled.

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